InWin iEar Headphone Holder (White)

InWin iEar Headphone Holder (White)

Choose Your Favorite Colors

iEar comes with three colors, black, red and white, which allow you to match your headphone according to your personal preference.




Compatible with Headphones and Earphones

A small and lightweight iEar is compatible with either over-the-ear headphones or wired earphones. User friendly design gives you simple and carefree solution to keep your headphones tidy.

Smart Suction Cup Design

You can place the iEar on a flat surface such as steel, aluminium, or glass side panel.

Easy to Handle

The twist'n lock feature is easy for installation and removal to make your life in a more convenient way. Supports headphone up to 43mm width.


Product NameiEar
ColorBlack, White, Red
Product TypeHeadphone Hanger
Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
72.4 x 66 x 54.4mm
Net Weight57g

Additional Information

Additional Information

Color White
Hot-swap Bays No
Manufacturer InWin
Redundant PSU No